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Along with my package from Afrostore.se I had my order of Sleek shade trial kit. It doesn't go by that name , but that's what I call it. Anyway, it is basically small samples of Revive in five different shades. They are in different categories depending on the darkness of your skin tone. I got Medium/Dark but I wasn't sure which one was suitable for me. Luckily Anni, the owner of Afrostore.se knows me in real life too so she added the shade kit in Medium too.

And it turned out that she was right. So far the right shade for me seem to be Nutmeg which is the darkest one in the Medium category or Russet which is the lightest in the Medium/Dark category. As a woman of color I already know by experience that it can be tricky to find the right shade due to dark spots, pigmentation etc. In my case I have some dark spots that I am working on to get rid of.
(More picture of the foundation on my face is on my Instagram account)

The samples was smaller than I thought but they will definitely last for at least an application, I personally don't go heavy on foundation so I would say even two applications.
One thing I liked about these samples except the fact that it gives you the ability to play around with highlighting and contouring (and I am not even into make up like that lol) is that they can be closed and saved. That is definitely a win win situation!
..and save.
When it comes to contouring and highlighting I am not a pro so I worked with what I was born with and of course some inspiration from makeup videos I still remember. For contour I used Revive in the shade Earth, for brow highlighting I used Mocha or Terracotta ( I don't remember).
My conclusion so far, I will definitely buy it and I might even go for the contour kit..

*for discount you can use my email (sonappykinkygmail.com).

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