Protein overload

The second product of Afrostore.se test panel was two full size products by Aphogee from the Curlific! line.
I did my research and read on the ingredients and the products are filled with protein since they are specifically for damaged and colored hair. Now the first thing I thought was to use a conditioner after the hair wash to prevent protein overload. At the same time I thought that I wouldn't be able to see how the products truly worked if I would use another conditioner.
Product(s) #2 off the Afrostore.se product test panel.
After unbraiding my cornrows I sectioned my hair with my butterfly clamps and went to wash my hair. The shampoo/hair wash was nice and a little bit goes a long way for sure. But when it came to the mask.. my hair didn't enjoy that at all. 
While I was applying it seemed a little weird because my hair usually coils up more at this point but not this time. I continued applying it to my whole head and followed the directions. I rinsed it out and I was disappointed. My hair was poofd out!! Maybe 5% curl pattern but that was it. Lesson learned for sure. Next time I try it I will definitely use a moisturizing conditioner and skip the mask. The mask will be used after a moisturizing shampoo AND conditioner due to the protein.

My hair turned ind off coarse and I could tell that it was too much protein for my hair. Overall the products are good and I loved the smell! My hair was smelling fruity ish for days. 
For those of you who are protein sensitive I would not use this due to the amount of protein in this. But trial makes perfect so you might be able to use it as a monthly treatment.

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