#GrowWithSNK MSM challenge

9 weeks ago I started the MSM challenge along with two other on Instagram and a couple of days ago I took my two last capsules.

Unfortunately one of the others experienced some side effects so she stopped using MSM. For more pictures and to follow up with the other girls that joined me, follow my Instagram page and search on the hashtag.

I didn't experince any side effects at all and I honestly think that I took 3 instead of 2 capsules at least 3 times during the challenge. My nails stayed strong, the areas where I have irritated/eczema seemed to retain moisture a little bit more than usual. When it comes to my hair the best part is that I could tell that my hair was maintained healthy. MSM does not make your hair grow faster, it lengthens the growing phase.

I found the pills really big at first but then I got used to it. Each capsule should be taken with at least one full glass of water. In case taking MSM orally gives you side effects then try to minimize the dose by opening the capsule and taking half a capsule.

Will I use it again? I don't think so. The size off the pills is not so appealing.. But when I have reached my final length goal I might go back to taking MSM to maintain healthy hair. Nothing negative to say about it from my side, but a multivitamin will probably give faster results since hair growth is the result of health both orally and topically.

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