Washday (Sunday) + Jessicurl review

I decide to keep it simple today since I was tired and also because I was trying out some samples from Jessicurl. 

After detangling my hair I parted it into 4 sections by the help of 2 clips and 2 ponytail holders (until I get my new butterfly clamps). I rinsed my hair with warm water while fingerdetangling one section at the time then I applied the Jessicurl Oil Blend. To my surprise one sample of the Oil Blend was enough for my full head, a little more would have been great but it was enough to tell wether it was good or not. 

Directly after applying the Oil Blend I went on to the co-wash procedure. Doing it like this is called Oil rinse. 
I used my beloved ORS Replenishing conditioner mixed with a bit of Mane N Tail  'Deep Moisturizing' conditioner. 
I applied a lot to each section while detangling again. Enough for me is when my hair is fully saturated and almost dripping of conditioner. Let it sink in and then I washed it off.  

Today I did not use 3 Sisters of Nature ' Once A Week treatment', instead I used two samples of Jessicurl Deep conditioner. I applied it section by section and topped that with a plastic bag and my shower cap while being on YouTube. 
45 minutes after I rinsed it off and yes my hair was soft and coily! 

+ I would definitely recommend the Jessicurl DC no matter if you are a 3 hair or 4 hair type. It's really creamy thick and I love the fact that it's filled with lots of natural ingredients. 
- It's not a wow product. It does what it is supposed to but for me that little extra that will make my coils pop is missing. 

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