The reason your scalp is itchy under weave

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Since about 1 1/2 week I have a weave on. 
Now I don't like weave because my scalp be itching! My scalp never itches and it's not sensitive either so I don't know why but then I did some research. 

Itchy scalp can occur when: 
• Your hair is dry and unmoisturized. 
• If you have a sensitive scalp. 
• If your hair is dirty. 
• If you don't air your hair underneath. 

Makes sense too me lol. In my case I was guilty off not airing my hair underneath. The tracks cover your scalp so basically your hair can't breath as usual. On top of that I walk around with my silk bonnet or scarf everyday all day until I am ready to go out. Lack of air-> itchy scalp. 

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