Hair journey Essentials- Refill bottles

Spray, pump, lid bottles etc are very much needed when you are on your hair journey. 

At first I thought that I needed to buy them myself but guess what, you don't have to! I want to how you guys that taking care of your hair, and body doesn't have to ruin you. This is very useful for everyone especially if you are a student or simply don't want to spend too much money. 

Here are all my refill bottles that I use, some of them are already in use and others is just for stock. 

1: An old ACV bottle that I bought from Ica (Sweden). 
2: A VERY VERY old braid something bottle from Donna Clara. Idk that brand.. 
3: Plant spray bottle from JYSK (Sweden). I think it was 3 for 10kr or 20kr. 
4: Victoria Secret's body splash bottle. I use this to my DIY moisturizing spritz. 
5: The first one is a spray bottle and the second one is a bottle with lid. These two was bought together with other refill bottles in one package. I don't remember the price but they was bought at ÖoB (Sweden). 

Otherwise you can get refill bottles and jars at amazon and other online shops. If you stay outside USA I would suggest you to go to their UK page. 

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