Product junkie Hiss eller diss- Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse

I used to be a product junkie, buying almost everything with good reviews on the net. I've learned and I've lost lol. So this blog cathegory will be a so called hiss eller diss as we say in swedish.. Now there are many products I could put on here but I'm only gonna take the one's I used correct and for a long time enough to know that they didn't/did work.

Proffs Maximum Strong Mousse
This is another product junkie product lol, but I liked it. When the bun was my favourite this product helped to smooth and keep my hair straight ( I used to flat iron it at that time). Unfortunately I can't say so much more about it since I do not use it any longer.


  • Contains E and B vitamin, keratin, castor oil and silk protein.
  • Gives a nice hold to the hair without leaving it with a white residue and keeping it crunchy.


  • Not sure of how natural the ingredients mentioned are.
  • Leaves my hair greasy.

Where to buy it?

In Sweden you can get it at H&M, Kicks ( http://m.kicks.se/proffs/maximum-strong-mousse-p4980) and Åhléns. For the one outside Sweden I don't know :/
Sist men inte minst: Hiss!

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