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A few days ago I was in a known beauty supply store here in Stockholm, Taj Mahal. I didn't plan to buy anything except mustard oil but look what I found!

Rose water, S curl activator spray and mustard oil.

Hair holders aka the only ponytail holder that can hold my thick hair.. Hair beads and the "Denman brush".
Product junkie alert!  The rosewater and mustard oil are approved and so is the hair holders and the "Denman brush". This is a dupe of a Denman brush. It is small sized and have 5 rows, it was only 10 SKR so you know I had to try it out. I will keep using it for awhile to see how my hair will like it and perhaps I might get the real Denman brush.

S curl activator was something I decide to try simply because I have heard good things about it especially as a detangler. Everybody be talking about the slip, but honestly I had no idea was slip really is until I tried this product. 
Amaze balls! The slip I mean this right here is a detangler. I used this when taking the weave down and I will definitely keep using it as a detangler. When it comes to other uses I am not so sure since it can cause build up so I will have to do research on the ingredients. 

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