Wash day ( 2/6)

ORS replenishing conditioner, SheaDo Protein Fix & Dr Woods soap ( I ended up not using the Tresemmé conditoner).

Today I decided to try two new products during my wash routine. The first one was Dr Wood's soap and for DC I mixed ORS replenishing conditioner with SheaDo Protein Fix. The Protein Fix was one of the items in the Sthlm Loves Curls goodiebag from the first event and this product can not be found in Sweden at all! So I was really looking forward to try it.
I am already loving the soap for body and face care, but I actually enjoyed it on my hair too. Clean yet it wasn't dried out or had that feel that some shampoos gives. A big plus is the natural ingredients and the price. This soap will definitely be used several times on my hair too.

Instead of using conditioner as usual after shampoo, I went directly to the DC which was a mix of ORS replenishing conditioner and SheaDo Protein Fix.
SheaDo Protein Fix in Strawberry Chocolate
One thing that I noticed immediately was that I do not like the bottle at all. It was hard to get the product out but that can be fixed by removing the lid. After taking this picture I realized that I would have to add a bit more due to the thickness of my hair. 

Since it was my first time trying it and since I mixed it up, I can't say much about it. But so far thumbs up.
My hair wanted protein and except the protein in ORS, the SheaDo is filled with not one but three types of protein that my hair absorbed without any problem. Not bad!
No crunch, stiffness or dryness my hair was actually really soft and moisturized* the day after.

*damp new washed hair moisturized with the following products: Root2Tip Scalp Hydration serum massaged on scalp, kemeste leave in that was sealed with almond oil.

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