1st bentonite clay hair mask trial

Before; Ignore my red ear.. 
Hair was rinsed with warm water then detangled with fingers and finished with a wide tooth comb. That is why my hair is bigger than usual when wet and its also why it has no curl definition. 


& *drumroll* after; You cant really see it on this picture but more definition than usual & easier to detangle. I also noticed that my hair was hanging a little more but that soon changes as my hair is getting dry. 

After; A close up. My curl pattern was tighter and more defined all over my head which made the different hair types more obvious. 

Conclusion; Not so bad. 
I shouldn't have used a metal spoon to add the aloe vera gel..
It is messy but worth it , I hope.

Next time I try it I will also have a guest with me :) 

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