Why I don't like weaves/sew-ins

Hair underneath and Peruvian hair update
Lately I haven't updated as much as usual when it comes to my hair regimen. Well since I have a sew in as protective style for now there isn't as much to do with my hair underneath and I pretty much have the same routine except the LOC method. 

Weave is not one of my favorite hairstyles for several reasons.
• I need to feel my scalp get some air.
• The only time my scalp itch, when I have weave.
• Compared with braids and other protective styles weave feels like a wig to me. 
• I need to scratch my scalp without any tracks stopping me...
• You don't know if your hair is moisturized or not during wash process. 

I did two posts about itchy scalp with remedies/tips that can be used during sew ins too so check out the previous posts to find them. 

Another thing I am doing different now is my spritz. Rose water, H2O, some coconut oil and a few drops of conditioner. So basically it's more of a moisturizing spritz compared to the  leave in spray I use usually. 

The hair is still on point but my scalp need air!  I might do a wig of it instead 😏. Before I take it down I will flat iron it and show you guys. 

How do you take care of your hair underneath? 

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