How I smooth my hair

How I smooth my hair when I do the afro puff.

What I use:

  • IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling Gel (- with sparkle lites).
  • Raw Shea butter ( It also contains some other oil since I whipped it myself after purchasing it).
  • My DIY leave-in conditioner or plain water.
  • A boar bristle brush or a small comb.
  • Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen spray
  • A headband in a stretchy material.
  • IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Carrot Growth Serum ( Another product I bought when I was a product junkie lol).

How to do it:

  1. If your hair isn't detangled then that will be your first step, but I start with a 'fro that has been detangled and moisturized over night by doing the GHE method.
  2. Do a knot on the headband so that you can adjust the size of it. This will make it able for you to adjust the size and the placing of your puff. Take the headband and let it hang on your neck (like a necklace). Take a little bit of the Shea butter and smooth your edges, back and front. Brush your edges,back and front gently with the boar bristle brush. Your hair should now have another shape compared to how it looked like at first, it should be smoother now.
  3. Spray some of the leave-in conditioner or water not straight on your hair, but in your hands. Then smooth your edges,back and front as in step 2.
  4. Your hair should be a little damp now from step 3, if not then apply more of the leave in-conditioner or water. Take a little bit of the Shea butter and mix with some hair gel. Apply it to your edges, front and back by using smoothing it at the same time. Brush it again with the boar bristle brush.
  5. Take about 8-10 drops of the hair serum and smooth your hair, do nut put this on your scalp only on your hair strands.
  6. Take your headband and adjust the size off it and start pulling it backwards and adjust again. Keep doing this until you have your desired finish look. You might have to do this a couple of times, learning by doing.
  7. At this point you should have a afro/high puff with smooth edges, back and front. if not then re-do it until you are satisfied. Finish your look with the hairspray to get a nice sheen.

This the consistency you want. Notice the different between the hair gel + shea butter and the hair gel by itself.


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